“Water and Light” photography by Peter Lvoff

Hoping to instill an appreciation for the special, and sometimes transcendent, beauty of the Berkshires, Lvoff is currently displaying his photography at the Dalton Free Public Library and Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield. In his own words, “In my photography, I’ve attempted to pay homage to the beauty I see everywhere.” We think you will agree, his lens captures a special place. Lvoff’s photography will be on display through February.

A retired Kansas school teacher, looking for something to do, Peter Lvoff turned to photography. In 2003, he discovered the Vermont and Berkshire Hills. Deeming them more beautiful than some highly developed National Parks, Lvoff decided to retire to the Berkshires, settling in Lee. Sunset at Laurel Lake is a favorite subject, allowing Lvoff to balance color and shape in the ever-shifting light and changing seasons. New England churches with their hidden chapels, unique stone work, and pristine spires set in the rolling folds of landscape also appeal to Lvoff.

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