9/30/2016 New Children’s Titles





Picture Books:
Giant Squid, by Candace Fleming
How to Track a Truck, by Jason Eaton
Yellow Time, by Lauren Stringer
Captain Jack and the Pirates, by Peter Bently
The Darkest Dark, by Chris Hadfield
Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion, by Alex Smith
Little Bot and Sparrow, by Jake Parker
Rescue Squad No. 9, by Mike Austin
How to Be a Hero, by Florence Heide
Penguin Problems, by Jory John

Early Readers:
Mean Team, by Random House
We Are Growing!, by Mo Willems

Graphic Novels:
Live Each Day to the Dumbest, by Jim Benton
Dumbness is a Dish Best Served Cold, by Jim Benton

The Secret Keepers, by Trenton Stewart
Fishbone’s Song, by Gary Paulsen
Towers Falling, by Jewell Rhodes

Tarantula vs Scorpion, by Jerry Pallotta
Whale vs Giant Squid, by Jerry Pallotta
Killer Whale vs Great White Shark, by Jerry Pallotta
Lion vs Tiger, by Jerry Pallotta
Hammerhead vs Bull Shark, by Jerry Pallotta
Komodo Dragon vs King Cobra, by Jerry Pallotta
Tyranosaurus Rex vs Velociraptor, by Jerry Pallotta
Polar Bear vs Grizzly, by Jerry Pallotta
I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, by Debbie Levy

Young Adult Fiction:
Nickel, by Robert Wilder

Young Adult Graphic:
The Astonishing Ant Man, by Nick Spencer
Harley Quinn, v5, by Amanda Conner

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