5/21/2015 New Titles: Craneville 3rd grade edition!

We recently had all 4 of Craneville’s 3rd grade classes visit the library (not all at once!). Along with a refresher on how the library and our summer reading program work, the students were asked to let us know their favorite authors and books. We’ve purchased close to 100 titles using their information. Below is the first batch of titles to arrive:

Children’s Non-Fiction:
Who Was Harriet Tubman?, by Yona McDonough
Who Was Walt Disney?, by Whitney Stewart
Who Is Bill Gates?, by Patricia Demuth
Who Was King Tut?, by Roberta Edwards
Who Was Martin Luther King Jr.?, by Bonnie Bader
Who Was Ben Franklin?, by Fradin Brindell
Who Was Albert Einstein?, by Jess Brailler
Minecraft: Combat Handbook, by Scholastic Inc.
Minecraft: Construction Handbook, by Scholastic Inc.

The Girl With The Glass Bird, by Esme Kerr
Jedi Search, by Kevin Anderson
Champions Of The Force, by Kevin Anderson
Dark APprentice, by Kevin Anderson

Dork Diaries Series, by Rachel Russell:
Tales From A Not So Talented Pop Star
Tales From A Not So Popular Party Girl
Tales From A Not So Glam TV Star
Tales From A Not So Graceful Ice Princess
Tales From A Not So Fabulous Life
Tales From A Not So Happily Ever After

39 Clues Series:
The Maze Of Bones
Beyond The Grave
The Sword Thief
Vespers Rising
The Emperor’s Code
Storm Warning
Into The Gauntlet
The Black Circle
In Too Deep
The Viper’s Nest
One False Note

Zombie Chasers Series, by John Kloepfer:
Empire State Of Slime
Nothing Left To Ooze
The Zombie Chasers
Undead Ahead
Sludgment Day

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