5/15/2015 New Titles

The Book Of Aron, by Jim Shepard
The Art Of Baking Blind, by Sarah Vaughan
Countdown To Mecca, by Michael Savage
How To Start A Fire, by Lisa Lutz
The Jazz Palace, by Mary Morris
The Sound Of Glass, by Karen White
I Take You, by Eliza Kennedy
Jack Pine, by William Hazelgrove
Housebreaking, by Dan Pope
Meadowlands: A World War I Family Saga, by Elizabeth Jeffrey
The Daylight Marriage, by Heidi Pitlor
Girl At War, by Sara Novic
The Anchoress, by Robyn Cadwallander,
The Long High Noon, by Loren Estleman
Hugo And Rose, by Bridget Foley

Mystery Fiction:
White Nights, by Ann Cleeves
Blue Lightning, by Ann Cleeves
Red Bones, by Ann Cleeves
Murder In Thrall, by Anne Cleeland
Murder In Retribution, by Anne Cleeland
Daughter Of The God-King, by Anne Cleeland
Tainted Angel, by Anne Cleeland

Jurassic Park Trilogy

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