3/11/15 New Children’s Books

The Only Game, by Mike Lupica
Nightbird, by Alice Hoffman
Ms. Rapscott’s Girls, by Elise Primavera
A Dragon’s Guide To The Care And Feeding Of Humans, by Laurence Yep

Early Readers:
Vulture Vomit, by Bert Wilberforce
Whale Poop, by Bert Wilberforce
Lizard Blood, by Roberto Betances
Skunk Stench, by Kate Shoemaker
Octopus Ink, by Kate Shoemaker

Picture Books:
Rodeo Red, by Maripat Perkins
Take Away The A, by Michael Escoffier
When The Wind Blows, by Linda Sweeney
Toad Weather, by Sandra Markle
Sick Simon, by Dan Krall

Board Book:
Llama Llama I Love You, by Anna Dewdney

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