2/28/2017 New Titles:





She Sheds, by Erica Kotite
The Chosen Few: One US Army Company’s Heroic Struggle to Survive in the Mountains of Afghanistan, by Gregg Zoroya
The Inkblots: Hermann Rorschach, His Iconic Test, and the Power of Seeing, by Damion Searls
Rescuing Penny Jane: One Shelter Volunteer, Countless Dogs, by Amy Sutherland

The Newness of You, by Amanda Ward
Humans, Bow Down, by James Patterson
A Piece of the World, by Christina Baker Kline
Setting Free the Kites, by Alex George
The Mother’s Promise, by Sally Hepworth
I See You, by Clare Mackintosh
Most Dangerous Place, by James Grippando
Rusty Puppy, by Joe Lansdale
Bad Blood, by Nick Oldham

Mystery Fiction:
The Cheltenham Square Murder, by John Bude
The Killing Bay, by Chris Ould
The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, by Lyndsay Faye
Death of a Ghost, by M.C. Beaton

Bad Santa 2
Manchester By The Sea
American Masters: Maya Angelou
Antarctica: Ice and Sky

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