1/27/2017 New Children’s Titles





Picture Books:
The Storm Whale in Winter, by Benji Davies
Queen Dog, by Bridget Heos
The Wish Tree, by Kyo Maclear
The Friend Ship, by Kat Yeh

Early Readers:
Rabbit and Robot and Ribbit, by Cece Bell
Wild Cats, by National Geographic
Pyramids, by National Geographic

Goth Girl and the Wuthering Fright, by Chris Riddell
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by Tennant Redbank
The Kitchen Catastrophe, by Tennant Redbank

Graphic Novel:
Teen Titans Go! v3, by Sholly Fisch

Shackles From the Deep, by Michael Cottman
Germany, by Jessica Rudolph
England, by Allan Finn
Italy, by Joyce Markovics

Young Adult Graphic Novels:
The Walking Dead, Book 13, by Robert Kirkman
Anne Bonnie, v1, by Tim Yates
World Without End, by Jamie Delano
Deadpool: World’s Greatest, by Gerry Duggan
Deadpool vs Gambit, by Ben Acker

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