12/18/2017 New Children’s Titles





Beastly Brains: Exploring How Animals Think, Talk, and Feel, by Nancy Castaldo
Black Widow, by Jill Keppeler
Funnel Web Spiders, by Amy Hayes
Giant Huntsman Spiders, by Melissa Rae Shofner
Trap Door Spiders, by M.hH. Seeley
Pufferfish, by Therese Shea
Leafy Sea Dragons, by Jill Keppeler
Frogfish, by Tanya Dellaccio
Star Wars The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary, by Pablo Hidalgo
Who Was Jane Austen?, by Sarah Fabiny
Who Was Coretta Scott King?, by Gail Herman

Picture Books:
Valensteins, by Ethan Long
Inky’s Great Escape, by Casey Lyall
Maple Syrup From the Sugarhouse, by Laurie Knowlton
Mr. Bear Squash You All Flat, by Morrell Gipson
Where are You, Wilbert?, by Bardur Oskarsson
Jacqueline and the Beanstalk, by Susan Sweet
Push, Pull, Turn! Fire Trucks to the Rescue, by Peter Bently
Push, Pull, Turn! Up in the air, by Peter Bently
Firefighter Duckies!, by Frank Dormer
So Many Smarts!, by Michael Genhart

Early Readers:
Festivals and Celebrations, by Caryn Jenner
Frozen Worlds, by Caryn Jenner
Super Cat Speed, by Cala Spinner
Star Wars the Last Jedi: Rey’s Journey, by Ella Patrick
Star Wars the Last Jedi: Heroes of the Galaxy, by Dorling Kindersley
The Campout Challenge, by Lauren Forte
Alvin’s New Friend, by Lauren Forte
Miguel’s Music, by Rivera
National Geographic: Hello Penguin!, by Kathryn Williams
National Geographic: Walt Disney, by Barbara Kramer

The Notations of Cooper Cameron, by Jane O’Reilly
Creeper Family Vacation, Book 3, by Greyson Mann
The Helmet Holdup, by Geronimo Stilton

Despicable Me 3

Young Adult Graphic:
Lumberjanes Vol. 7, by Shannon Watters
The Creeps: A Dark Fears Collection, by Fran Krause
Penny Dreadful, Vol. 1, by Chris King
The Flintstones, Vol. 2 , by Mark Russell

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